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Introduce yourself here. What model do you have, any plans or mods, where are you from?
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Post by LowlyGamer » Thu May 24, 2018 2:57 pm

Hi All,

I found out about the forum through the Facebook group so thought I would sign up. I've been looking at early BMW Mini's to use as a cheap run about with a long term project in mind but all the cars within budget were dog rough with sky high miles. I then started to look for a Nova but prices are going crazy for good quality cars. After that I just started looking for cheap small hatch backs and a few metros with low miles popped up so I started doing a bit of research on how to make them quicker and sportier. I was really surprised just how capable they can be made to be on a relatively small budget. There also doesn't seem to be any shortage of low mileage examples in half decent condition. As I've never even sat in a Metro I decided to go check one out locally. Sadly when I got there, although the car looked really good for its age, the header tank was mostly oily sludge. As the overall condition of the car was pretty solid and had been looked after by it's only owner (a 91 year old woman who stopped driving last year) I decided to do a deal and pay the £750 asking price (feel free to tell me if I was robbed!!). I spent most of my late teens and 20's modifying cars and working for an aftermarket part supplier but decided to take a break from it when my daughter was born 4 years ago. I've recently moved so after finishing my gaming room I've turned my attention to the garage and now need something to fill it. At this moment I've never owned or even driven Metro/Rover 100 but on Saturday I'll be limping one 9 miles to my house to start a head gasket change. If you have made it to this point then well done!! :D. I look forward to asking lots of silly questions soon.

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Post by DotMatrix » Tue May 29, 2018 6:33 pm

Welcome to the forum.

Feel free to start a journal with pictures of your car and progress. I for one would like to see it.

Depending on what spec of metro you purchased you could have been robbed yes:-) but a solid car is the most important thing.

Remember to read Up on liner height/stand proud before changing the head gasket. Change belt, tensioner and waterpump while its appart. Read Up on inlet manifold leaking.

And feel free to ask questions:-)

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