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Tom's Metro Van Project stars

Tom's first Metro was a Mk1 Austin Metro 998cc, which he still owns and has been his daily driver for the past 6 years. Wanting something with a bit more power he purchased a 1993 Mk3 Metro when it came up for sale locally; first converting to 1.8 VVC and then into a van project...

MetroPower Hoodie 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

A warm hoodie featuring the Limited Edition 15th Anniversary design

* Clothing size:

* Personalisation option:


Metropower Shirt 15th Anniversary Special Edition

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Metropower with this special edition shirt; featuring all 4 Metro models together for the very first time!

* Clothing size:

* Clothing Style:


Rover Metro GTa

The GTa was launched in 1990 with the new Metro range. It continued on the success of the Mk2 Austin Metro GTa.

Metro to 100

In 1994 Rover took the decision to revamp the Metro, renaming it to Rover 100 in the process.

Summit Garage Rover adverts (1997)

What was your Metro worth back in 1997? Find out by taking a step back in time courtesy of Summit Garage

Rover Metro Cabriolet

Manufactured and launched in 1991. This is the most special and most rare of any model in the entire eighteen years of the Metro. Rover encountered many technical difficulties, i.e. ensuring the hood was waterproof from all angles, and it didn't jam. The high spec and all the extra work was putting the price up and up. It was going to sell around £12,000. In the end very few were ever made.

Craig's Rover 114 Cabriolet

'How many friends would I lose?' is the question Craig asked just before the V5 for a purple Rover 114 Cabriolet was signed over to him, although it seems he does not regret the decision. Read the story of this rare car within.

Ben's Audi powered Rover 100 stars

Now here's something a little bit different! A Rover 100 powered by an Audi 20v, and it's turbocharged to boot!

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