OEM alloy wheel information

Rover produced a range of alloy wheels for the Metro \ 100 series, all in the 13" rim size

5 Spoke

Fitted as standard to GTa SE models in 1994.

6 Spoke

These wheels were introduced with the launch of the Rover 100 series in...

7 Spoke

Fitted as standard initially to GTi SE models whilst the GTi (SPi) was...


Fitted to late Mk1 and early Mk2 MG Metro 1300 models


Fitted to the Mk1 MG Metro Turbo


Fitted as standard to GTi (SPi) models from 1990 to 1992.

Lattice (A-Series)

Fitted to the Mk2 MG Metro Turbo and Metro Advantage models


Fitted to the Mk1 MG Metro 1300

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