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Wheel nuts

If changing your wheels over it is very important to have the right fitment wheel nuts. If you have bought a set of different Metro wheels with out the wheel nuts here's the different type's of nut and what models of Metro and Rover 100 they fit

Metro wheel nuts cannot be swapped between A Series Mk1 & Mk2 with MK3 Metro and Mk4 Rover 100 as the width of the stud differs.

The K-series MK3 Rover Metro and MK4 Rover 100

k-series rover metro and  rover100 wheel nut types

Left wheel nut - used on all steel wheels to all K-series and Diesel Metro's and Rover 100's.

Middle wheel nut - used for all K-series Metro and Alloy wheels. 
Please note the massive size increase over the left steel wheel nut.

Do not use use either steel nut types on any Metro or Rover 100 alloys as they do not have the surface area to hold the alloy wheels on.

Alloy wheel nuts can be found on various models including:

  • Metro GTi,
  • Optional extra on early Mk3 Metro GTa
  • GTa SE
  • Rover 114 GTa
  • Rover 114 GSi
  • Rover 111 GSi

Right wheel nut - note that this wheel nut can only be used on steel wheels despite its silver cap

  • Models include. Mk3 Metro
  • Early GTa
  • Si

Mk1 Austin and MG Metro

a-series m1 austin and mg metro wheel nut types

Left wheel nut - all steel wheel versions

Middle wheel nut - MG Metro Turbo

Right wheel nut - MG Metro 1300 & Vanden Plas 500

Mk2 Austin Rover & MG Metro

a-series austin and mg metro wheel nut types

Helpful tips

Finding the Rover K-series alloy wheel nuts can be difficult. 1990's Ford's use the same fitment nut but with a different chrome cap.
These can be used on all K-series alloy wheels. Please see picture to note same nut contact area and design with wheel.

rover and ford alloy wheel nuts suitable for use on rover metro and rover 100

Rover locking wheel nuts

Fitted to 1993 on Metro's & Rover 100s with factory fit alloy wheels.
Required a black sleeve to remove the chrome covers. A flat head screw drive can prize them off as with age the black sleeve remover can snap.
The locking nut key itself has the code stamped on its top in a small 2 digit number. Eg '23' Its wise to note this incase it's lost and spares can be ordered from Open Rover dealers and eBay sellers.

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