Rear anti-roll bar

Reduces body roll on corners. As fitted to Turbo and GTi models as standard. For all Metros and Rover 100s 1980-1997.

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Parts required

  • A range of sockets and spanners
  • Rear anti-roll bar

Fitting process

  1. Firstly open the boot and remove everything. move the spare tyre and there should be 4 nuts in the rear corners of the spare wheel well. Two on each side of the boot. These hold the rear Tow eye's to the car and also act as the Metro rear Anti roll bar mounts.
  2. The standard Tow eyes need to be swapped for thicker GTi / Turbo ones which double up as ARB mounts also. Swap them for the GTi / Turbo ones with the necessary holes for the brackets.
    Note, some early mk3 Metro's have the GTi brackets up to K registration 1992 as factory standard with ARB holes. If so proceed to the next stage.

    metro anti roll bar bracket driver side  metro anti roll bar bracket passenger side
  3. Next up is the 'C' brackets on the rear of the hubs.
  4. Remove the road wheels drums and you should see these two nuts on the inside, undo them, and then put the 'C' bracket on the back. 

    Remember to support the car well with axle stands or similar, your life is more important!

    metro c brackets on the rear of the hubs  c bracket fitted
  5. Refit the bolts back in through the 'C' bracket (best way to do it is to use a spanner and a ratchet as you will have to take out the brakes shoes otherwise. the spanner will fit if the brake shoe is pushed to make way.

    bolts fitted through c bracket
  6. Once that is done you need to get the ARB and put it over the exhaust tail pipe and rest it there
  7. Stick the bushes on the bar in the correct place by lining up the bar to the body, and putting the brackets over the bushes making sure the screw goes in from front to back

    metro anti roll bar lined up
  8. and the other side:

    metro anti roll bar fitting brackets over bushes
  9. then when they are connected with no problems I hope (my brackets were bent so was quite hard) you must fix the link arms to the 'C' bracket.

If it looks like this then it's wrong:

metro anti roll bar fitted incorrectly

This is the correct way making sure the link is on the OUTSIDE!!

metro anti roll bar fitted the correct way

That's it folks. your rear anti roll bar fitted! Have fun, but don't go too mad!

Anti roll bar polyurethane bushes

Poly bushes are available to replace any Metro bush such as the one found on anti roll bar and front wishbones. They give stiffer performance and over the originals when new but they are all now at least 20 years old and have done many thousands of miles. They are available from, and often found on eBay and are a worth while investment when fitting.

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