GTi dampers

Only the GTi had additional front dampers, which improves handling, but you can fit them to any A or K-series metro too. The process is the same for both but the guide pictures are for fitting the dampers to a K-series.

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Parts required

  • Pair of GTi damper body strengthening plates.
  • Pair of dampers with nuts and bushes.
  • Longer GTi bottom bolt.

Fitting process

  1. Weld the plates to the car, you will have the hole for the dampers top mount already cut. This involves removing the washer bottle, and then welding the mounts to your car. They will then need painting the correct colour.

    gti damper body strengthening plates
  2. After removing the road wheel, to fit the damper you will need to remove your short bolt that holds the brake hoses in place to swap for the longer GTi one, this requires a 13mm and a 15mm spanner or socket. Once this is out put the damper into place with the bushes all correctly lined up. Then slide the longer GTi bolt into place and remember the spacer in between so it holds the damper while you do it up.

    changing short bolt for longer one  fitting the damper into place
  3. Replace the the nuts and tighten up the bolt with the 13mm and 15mm spanners.

    tighten up the bolt with the 13mm and 15mm spanners
  4. Next is the fiddly part, after fitting the top bush and washer, screw the nut on hand tight, then using your 14mm spanner and a small adjustable, tighten the the top.
  5. Refit the washer bottle.
  6. Repeat for the other side.
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