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Feeling nostalgic for simpler times? The old forum is back!

Although the legacy Metropower forum is no longer available in its original format our admin team were able to take a copy of a large chunk of it before it was taken down by the web host. Thanks to a donation of additional web hosting space from MP member and fellow admin Martin Vestergaard we're now able to put the archive online for all to view :)

To time travel back to the early noughties when bodykits were cool, modding a Metro came with the tagline "do the unthinkable" and forum threads had 56k warnings click the link below:

Warning: this site may trigger strong feelings of nostalgia!

You may notice a couple of changes:

  • there's no Search button or login options
  • some links may give a page not found error - we got 7GB of data but the forum crashed our web crawler before it could complete (!)

Once Google indexes the archive we may be able to provide you with a search that way, in the meantime happy clicking!

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Last modified on Sunday, 18 October 2020 23:18

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